Last Update: December 2008

This section covers conferences, events, seminars and training specifically addressing the dual issues of Drugs and Housing. This includes national events, local and regional events. In-house or closed events are not listed. Some of these events will be delivered by KFx. We list other relevant events, but inclusion does not indicate endorsement of the event or its content.


If you are putting on an event and you want it included here, please get in touch. We will list the following:

  • events that address Drugs and Housing. Space and time mean that we cannot attempt to address all drugs courses and all housing courses. The links section lists more general courses.

Please contact us providing relevant information as laid out in the table below. We cannot guarantee inclusion and this is a free service.

10.2.09 Drugs and Premises - The Law and Good Practice Cardiff Organised by Shelter Cymru and delivered by Kevin Flemen/KFx book directly through Shelter Cymru

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