Last Update: January 2006

The Drugs and Housing Forum is a closed forum for drugs and housing workers, service users, academics, and others with a profesional interest in the issues of drugs and housing.

In order to read and post to the website, you will have to register. The website is not visible to non-registered viewers. This is to ensure a safe environment for participants to discuss sensitive issues, and to reduce unwanted and unhelpful postings.

The Forum is hosted on a free bulletin board, which also carries advertising. The website is outside the main Drugs and Housing Website.

In order to joint the website, you will need to do the following.

1: Please read the Etiquette and Rules below; if you agree to abide by these rules, then continue to register.

2: Click on the link below the rules. This will open a new page in your browser, which will allow you to register with the Drugs and Housing Forum. Please follow the steps on the forum to complete your registration.


We want to establish and run a safe, professional and productive discussion group, and believe that the following rules will contribute to achieving this:

  • please endeavour to keep postings relevant an on-topic. Most people in the field are very busy and don't have the time or inclination to get bogged down in irrelevance.
  • please attempt to use spell-checkers and read posts before sending to maintain a good level of quality and accuracy
  • ensure that you maintain client confidentiality; please do not post in a way that could lead to your residents being identified.
  • while the Forum is not open to non-registered viewers, this does not mean that members have been vetted or identity-checked. Please bear this in mind when posting information which could expose yourself or your organisation to risk.
  • avoid postings that are intended to cause offence; attacks on other forum members, inappropriate language, racist, homophobic or discriminatory language may result in barring from the forum.
  • if you wish to see new categories added to the website, please suggest them to the Forum Administrator
If you agree to the above rules, click HERE to be directed to the FORUM
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